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Programs and Courses

Transition to the Senior Years is a time when students and parents make important course selection decisions.  We provide compulsory and a wide range of optional courses designed to meet the needs, interests, and abilities of students. The program provides a sound basis for further education or immediate employment.  

John Taylor Registration 2014-2015

Click on the following link to access the complete 2014-2015 common course handbook for all the High Schools in our division.

Academic Program

Please click here to view information from our Student Handbook on Code of conduct.  The information includes student policies on discipline, attendance, harassment, plagiarism, smoking/drug and alcohol use, internet, cell phone/Ipod/MP3 player use, language and fighting, etc.  It also includes information on our homework period and our noon hour grade 9 and 10 policy.   

For more information on course descriptions, access to grade 9-12 registration forms, or to view our section of the St. James High School Common Course Handbook, refer to the Student Registration section (left side menu bar of our Home Page.)

Advanced Placement Program

The Advanced Placement (AP) program provides special opportunities to those students who wish to study university topics in a high school setting.  This program of college-level courses and exams was designed to allow the successful student to receive some credit and /or standing on entering university. John Taylor has selected Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science (in four years), English Literature, English Language, French, Calculus AB and Psychology as courses to be offered, dependent on enrollment.

 Historically, students have chosen to enroll in AP courses for other reasons as well; some wanted to further their knowledge in a specific field of academic achievement, others wanted a working knowledge of material taught at university, and still others just wanted to enjoy a subject for its challenge. Regardless of the reason for taking AP, students are able to enjoy the flexibility of focusing on the subjects that are of interest to them.

All AP candidates will be expected to write an externally set and marked examination, which consists of multiple choice and essay questions.

The University of Winnipeg has determined that students completing an AP course with a mark of 3.0 to 5.0 (out of a possible 5.0) can use the course to count as one credit towards a degree. Students that receive recognition as a National AP Scholar (a student who receives a score of 5 in at least 5 AP course) receives a scholarship of $2,250.00 in addition to credits granted.

The University of Manitoba requires a score of 4.0 in specific areas and students may apply for transfer of credit to the program they are entering. Students should consult Enrolment Services, Admissions Office for more information. The U of M also gives AP students $250.00 for each course in which he or she attains a score of 5.0.

Canadian universities such as McGill, Queens and Toronto, actively recruit high school graduates who have AP credits.

The next AP exam schedule will be posted here once it is finalized for the 2012/13 school year.

Click here to access Advanced Placement of Canada.

Click here to access AP Central.

Fine Arts Program


No update available..


Information on our Choral Program.


Information on our r Dance Program.


Information on our Art Program.


Information on our Drama Program.

Math Program

Information on our  Math Department.

Science Program

Information on our Science Department.

Athletic Program

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English Program

Click here for information on our English Department.

Social Studies Program

Click here for information on our Social Studies Department.

French Program

Click here for information on the French Department

Information and Communication Technology Program

Click here for information on our Technology program.

Human Ecology

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Student Services

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Student Council

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 Last Modified: 26 June,2014