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12102014_120657_0.jpgWelcome to John Taylor Collegiate!

John Taylor Collegiate is a senior school in Winnipeg, Manitoba. View a map of our location. Use the School Locator to find your catchment area.

We are the Home of the Pipers!

Alongside our various academic options John Taylor is pleased to offer Advanced Placement (AP), a program providing special 3142017_40840_0.pngopportunities to those students who wish to study university topics in a high school setting.~ This program of college-level courses and exams was designed to allow the successful student to receive some credit and /or standing on entering university. Please follow our Programs and Courses link on the left side of this page to learn about this and many other options at John Taylor.

Mission Statement

Raising all students towards distinction. In pursuing our aim we value: Justice that honours the individual / A sense of community / Service to others / Compulsory learning / Diversity of people and learning experiences / A safe and healthy environment.

New St. James-Assiniboia websites are coming soon!

Need to know what events are coming up at John Taylor Collegiate, click on the Important Dates to find out.


John Taylor Blog & News
Check out our blog by clicking on the image below for daily updates or our NEWS PAGE for current information regarding John Taylor Collegiate.



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Paying for school items and fees just got easier.

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PowerSchool  Portal Link
The PowerSchool Portal provides parents access to school announcements, real-time attendance information and, most importantly, student grades.
For a full tour of the PowerSchool Portal, click here to Tour the Portal

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John Taylor Code of Conduct
Please click here to view information from our Student Handbook on our Code of Conduct.  The information includes student policies on discipline, attendance, harassment, plagiarism, smoking/drug and alcohol use, internet, cellphone/iPod/MP3 player use, language, and fighting, etc.  It also includes information on our homework and our noon hour grade 9 and 10 policy.

Please be sure to take some time to read over our  John Taylor Collegiate Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. Technology in the classroom is here to enhance the curriculum and it is critical that it serves as a support rather than a distraction.

In response to feedback from parents, teachers and students we felt that it was time to develop our own policy around what BYOD looks like at JT.  We started the process by meeting with our Student Advisory committee considering what is being done in other school divisions, provinces and countries. We created a draft policy which we then shared with all school staff. Staff provided feedback and the policy was refined further. The finished product will then be shared with our Parent Council in April. Please feel free to contact the JT administration if you have any questions or require further information.


School Hours
Regular Office Hours are:
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Monday through Friday

Click on the following link to view regular class time schedules:
Class Time Schedules
School Cash Online
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School Cash Online
Volunteer Hours
Volunteer Hours
Awards and Bursaries
Awards and Bursaries
Celebrating our Successes
Follow the link to find out about John Taylor's student accomplishments
Our Sucesses
Grad Requirements
Grad Requirements
Grad/Safe Grad 2017
Click on the following link for information regarding Grad and Safe Grad 2017.
Grad/Safe Grad 2017 Info
JT Music Parents Association
Music Parents Association
Out of Phys Ed Gr. 11 & 12
Please click the following link to access the Inform Net website
Out of Phys Ed
Sports Schedules
Please click the following link to access the current sports schedules.
Sports Schedules
Athletic Extra-Curricular Programs, Sports, & Team Sports
Athletic Extra-Curricular
Driver's Education
Click on the following link to access the latest newsletter from MPI regarding Driver's Education classes.
Driver's Education Newsletter
Bad Weather Policy/Emergency Procedures
Follow the link below to access the Divisional Policy regarding school & bus closure during extreme weather conditions. If it is necessary to evacuate the building during inclement weather, the following procedures are in place: Grade 9's & 10's to Buchanan, Grade 11's & 12's to Hedges
Bad Weather Policy
Student Absence Procedures
Click on the following links for view school procedures for student absences.
School Procedures for Student Absences
Scent Controlled School
Click on the following link to find our more.
Scent Controlled School
JT Attendance Policy
Follow the link to access the John Taylor Attendance Policy.
John Taylor Attendance Policy
Divisional Attendance Policy
Click on the link to access the Divisional Attendance Policy
Divisonal Attendance Policy
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